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ÖNACE 4th level data - Definitions

NACE Rev. 2, the revised classification of economic activities that will supersede NACE Rev. 1.1, will be applied throughout the European Union as of 1 January 2008. As with previous NACE versions, there will again be a national Austrian version of the new NACE Rev. 2 classification. The name ÖNACE 2008 has been selected as the title of this national version. The name given is therefore in line with the existing Austrian tradition of including the year of introduction in the name of national classifications (see, for example, ÖNACE 2003 or ÖNACE 1995).

Experts from the German Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden, the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, the Statistical Office of Luxembourg and Statistics Austria have collaborated on a common German version of the titles and explanatory notes for NACE Rev. 2. These titles and explanatory notes also served as a basis for the formulation of the titles and explanatory notes for ÖNACE 2008.

The ÖNACE 4th level data in "Bali" are based on the insurance data of HVS (Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions) and are using the same data base as the official employment statistics.

Aggregated, the ÖNACE 4th level data correspond with the ÖNACE 2nd level data used and published by HVS (Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions).