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Export data table as JSON-file

Data format: JSON

Clicking on the link at the bottom of a data table - Export JSON Export JSON - provides the option of exporting the query table created in BALI as a JSON file.
Since a JSON file is a plain text file, the user can choose in a message window opended by the web browser whether the JSON file should be opened directly or saved on the local PC.

The abbreviation JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation; A JSON file is basically a text file (TXT) with a special structure. Main parts of the JSON format are so-called "name/value" pairs, which are then combined in special elements such as objects, arrays and lists.

The JSON file generated in BALI contains two objects: the object "metadata" and the object "data".

The object "metadata" contains in his "name/value"-pairs informations about the queried data:

  • the table header; this contains information about both the data content and the time or time-period of the queried data;
  • a possibly used data filter for the query, as well
  • in the (third) line "Created:" the name of the application ("BALI-Web") with date and time of the data query.

The object "data" contains the actual table data, again in "name/value"-pairs (decimal separator is the dot ".").