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The BALI (budget, labour market and benefit receipt information) online database retrieval system essentially provides the opportunity to combine the data published by the Federation of Social Insurance Institutions on dependent employment with the data of the Public Employment Service (AMS).

It also contains data on self-employment from the AMS Data Warehouse as well as the unemployment rates according to EUROSTAT and population data from Statistics Austria.

The data is partially available as tables in standard format, but it is mostly in the form of flexibly definable data queries and time series. BALI is supported by the APF Team of Division III, Labour Market, in the Federal Ministry of Labour.

Ready-made tables on the current state of the labour market and the economy and overviews of the trends in benefit receipts and the financial situation of unemployment insurance are provided by the ELIS information system (Economic and Labour Market Information System). The tables in ELIS contain up-to-date monthly employment figures.

For further informations please contact the APF-Team in the division III in the Federal Ministry of Labour.

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